Exclusive Resident Evil Village PS5 demo available now

PS5 owners will be able to take part in an exclusive demo of Resident Evil Village starting today.


Players looking forward to Resident Evil Village will get a chance to play the game as early as today if you have a PlayStation 5.

Today’s Resident Evil Showcase brought a ton of news about the franchise’s future, including a look at the upcoming survival horror game’s release date and even news of an upcoming demo on platforms like PC and Xbox. For PlayStation 5 players, though, Capcom is offering a special demo for Resident Evil Village which is available as early as today.

The demo will focus on a character named Maiden, instead of the game’s actual protagonist Ethan Winters. Based on the small bit of footage that was showcased it looks like players will need to escape the castle’s dungeon, which should give them a good taste of the ambiance, environments, and scares awaiting them in Resident Evil Village. There's no combat on display in this demo, so players looking forward to that aspect of the game will need to wait a good deal longer.

Unfortunately, no official release information was given for a PC or Xbox demo, though Producer Pete Fabiano was quick to announce that Capcom has one schedule to arrive later this spring. With Resident Evil Village set to release on May 7, 2021, that will give players on the PC and Xbox a couple of months to experience the demo and dig down into all the secrets that it has to offer.

We’ll be diving into the demo ourselves as soon as we can download it, so expect to see plenty of coverage of the PS5 exclusive demo right here on Shacknews. We also recommend checking out the other announcements from the Resident Evil Showcase, like the upcoming Division 2 and Resident Evil crossover, as well as RE: Verse a new mash-up game that Capcom is working on to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Resident Evil series.

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