Apple is working on a more traditional VR headset ahead of AR glasses

Apple plans to launch its first entrant into the VR space by 2022, though it is coming up against various development hurdles along the way.


Apple has teased intentions to get into the VR/AR space for a pretty long time. Many updates and leaks have floated around for several years about Apple developing AR glasses or a more traditional VR experience, but it looks like the group isn’t quite ready for a practical AR solution. Instead, it seems as though Apple will begin its entry into the VR space with a headset coming in 2022 ahead of reveals for any sort of AR glasses product.

The most recent updates on Apple’s AR/VR endeavors were reported by Bloomberg, in which it is claimed that Apple’s upcoming VR headset will act as a “precursor” to AR glasses later on. The Apple VR headset will be more of a traditional competitor to the likes of Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 and PlayStation VR. The focus of the device will be on gaming, video, and communication. AR capabilities on this particular entry will supposedly be limited. Price points have not been set yet, but sources familiar with Apple’s plans are expecting that the device may be quite a bit more expensive than its rivals.

By focusing on a VR headset first, Apple is likely investing in and developing the technology it will eventually use in AR glasses.
By focusing on a VR headset first, Apple is likely investing in and developing the technology it will eventually use in AR glasses.

Apple’s VR/AR efforts have been foggy for quite a while. It seems as though each year we hear something new about the possibility of the company entering the space. Analysts even expected Apple AR products to ship as early as 2019, but it didn’t come to pass. 2020’s Oculus Quest 2 was quite a groundbreaker for standalone VR technology and that may be stirring movement, but 2022 for a VR headset sets initial expectations of Apple’s supposed AR glasses tech back, which we also initially expected to see in 2022. It will remain to be seen if Apple follows through and finally reveals this upcoming headset anytime soon, but once the traditional VR headset launches, perhaps Apple’s AR glasses won’t be far behind.

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