Axiom Verge gets new Randomizer Mode in free content update

It's the first DLC the game has ever had, and it was designed in part by the speedrunning and modding community before being incorporated into this official update.


Axiom Verge has been out for over six years as of this writing, having launched in March 2015, and in the entire time it’s been out, it has never received DLC. The creator is hard at work on Axiom Verge 2 and has poured all of their effort into making the sequel a successful reality. That said, modders often make the content they want to see in a game when the opportunity is available, and in this particular case, the creator liked what they had done so much that he worked with them to make it an official part of Axiom Verge. In its first content update ever, Axiom Verge now has a Randomizer Mode.

Creator Thomas Happ shared the update on Axiom Verge’s website on January 14, 2021. The Randomizer Mode content update is entering open beta now in limited release on Steam and Epic Games Store so players can try it out and provide feedback for fixes before a release on all platforms.

The Randomizer Mode in Axiom Verge comes from the aid of modders and the Axiom Verge speedrunning community.
The Randomizer Mode in Axiom Verge comes from the aid of modders and the Axiom Verge speedrunning community.

Despite the open beta, Happ seems fairly happy and confident in the quality of the Randomizer update.

“the Randomizer Mode randomizes (thus the name) the items you get as you progress through the game, but in a very sophisticated way,” Happ explained. “The Randomizer is smart enough to know that in certain areas you need weapons with certain characteristics to progress… If the Randomizer just gave you any old weapon, you might be blocked from progressing any further. So it needs to know to give you a weapon that can handle that function.”

With that in mind, it seems that even though the Randomizer Mode should make for an interesting challenge, it’s also sensible enough to ensure that you should never get stuck because you don’t have the right tools.

Meanwhile, Thomas Happ continues to put work into Axiom Verge 2, and even teased that if fans enjoy Randomizer Mode in the first game, he’s open to including something similar in the sequel. If you’re as much a fan of Axiom Verge as we were in our Shacknews review, be sure to check it out and considering offering feedback in the game’s Discord. Who knows, it could make Axiom Verge 2 all the better when it comes out.

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