Razer reveals Project Brooklyn gaming chair at CES 2021

Razer is taking gaming chairs to the next level with the reveal of Project Brooklyn at CES 2021.


The gaming chair is not a new idea in itself. In fact, you may be sitting on a gaming chair reading this story right now. Razer has released a few gaming chairs in the past, but now the company wants to go beyond the original concept. What about taking the gaming chair and turning it into a full-blown entertainment setup? That's the premise behind Project Brooklyn, one of Razer's most intriguing reveals from CES 2021.

Project Brooklyn starts off as an ergonomic, carbon fiber gaming chair with RGB lighting. So far, that sounds like most other chairs. Where it stands out is that it adds an attached 60" OLED display, which folds back into the chair whenever it's not in use. The 4D armrests can roll out into adjustable peripheral tables, while the chair itself offers Razer HyperSense tactile feedback. This is a product that essentially puts the gaming experience entirely on a single chair.

Project Brooklyn is being designed for both the PC and console user in mind. Cable routing from the adjustable platform ensures little to no mess, making it a trophy chair for the high-end player. Of course, the design is not entirely finalized. Razer will be taking feedback from product tests, which the company is expected to roll out to esports athletes and influencers in the future. The company will look to benchmark feasibility, comfort, and performance before bringing out the finalized product.

While there's no indication when a finalized Project Brooklyn could be ready, this is a product worth following. Shacknews will keep an eye on this item and report back on news when it arises. In the meantime, you can take an early look at it on the Razer website. Be sure to check out more of our ongoing CES 2021 coverage.

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