D&D reveal Candlekeep Mysteries, a book full of new adventures for players and DMs

When imagination fails, the folks at D&D have a new book to help give your gaming sessions a creative kick in the pants.


It’s happened to us all — you sit down with your friends to enjoy a night of D&D but your DM draws a blank and is unable to whip up a compelling narrative for the game. Thanks to a new book from D&D, players, and DMs will have plenty of stories to pull from when their game needs a lift. Dubbed Candlekeep Mysteries, this collection of seventeen mystery-themed adventures will work wonders to liven up game nights.

All of these new stories--many written by new authors—are intended to be played as one-shots in-person or with online groups or simply dropped into any existing campaign. Candlekeep Mysteries is handy for DMs who are looking to inject new characters, story hooks, magic items, and monsters into their game without hours of tedious preparation and work.

The book will be available on March 16 with cover art by Clint Cearley, and in-game stores with an alternate cover by Simen Meyer. Candlekeep Mysteries presents each adventure as a tome on its infinite shelves, including background information about the library fortress that’s enchanted fans of the Forgotten Realms for decades.

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