Hisense announces new TriChroma Laser TV short-throw projector lineup for CES 2021

Adding a large screen to your viewing space will be easier than ever before thanks to these new projectors from Hisense.


Each year when CES rolls around, eyes quickly turn to the latest in home theater technology and despite being an all-digital affair, the 2021 show is no different. The folks at Hisense are taking the opportunity at this year’s event to announce a new lineup of short-throw projectors that aim to make big-screen viewing at home easier than ever. The company is promising amazing color reproduction and ease of use to entice customers into a large format projection device.

Conventional projector systems are notorious for rather complicated room setups and installation difficulty, in addition to the need for a dedicated screen and lots of wiring (that often requires going into one’s ceiling). Even if you get everything just right, having a person bump the projector pedestal or walking in front of the screen can ruin the experience for others. Short-throw projectors aim to eliminate some of this inconvenience. These devices project a large-format picture onto a wall from a short distance, often while sitting on an A/V shelf or similar furniture that sits against the wall the image will be shown on.

Hisense’s new lineup of short-throw projectors promises to have class-leading performance, including color reproduction that leaves its LCD and OLED counterparts in the dust. The company claims that its new LaserTV devices are capable of reproducing the BT.2020 color standard in its entirety (something that has yet to be done in consumer tech). This means that a whole new range of colors that were previously impossible to produce will be sprayed onto walls and screens with these new short-throw projectors. 

HDR aficionados will be happy to hear that these projectors are capable of up to 430 nits of brightness, which is less than leading LCDs but is rather impressive for a projector. For more details on these upcoming devices and more, check out the full Hisense CES 2021 presentation here and keep your browser pointed to Shacknews for all the latest news out of this year’s event.

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