Do it for Shacknews Award 2020 - Bryan 'skankcore' Lefler

In the year 2020, one Shacker rose to the top of the ranks of those who do it for Shacknews. His name is Bryan Lefler, but you probably know him as skankcore.


2020 was full of some amazing moments at Shacknews. We interviewed countless celebrities, game developers, and muckety-mucks, but we also witnessed one Shacker rise up. Bryan "skankcore" Lefler showed everyone what it means to do it for Shacknews this year, and we are honored to proclaim him the winner of the coveted Do it for Shacknews Award 2020. Congratulations, Bryan! Do it for Shacknews!

Bryan has been an overwhelmingly supportive member of the Shacknews community all year. No matter who is streaming on our Shacknews Twitch channel, he always found a way to support us in chat. He took things even further with the introduction of his Skankcore64 Twitch show where he has set out to complete every North American N64 game ever released. It has been a pleasure to have his show on our channel this year. He's also been very involved as a competitor and spectator during this year's Shacknews Stimulus Games. 

That's not all. Bryan was the first Shacker to try out our brand new Shacknews Cortex platform when we began our Closed Alpha test in August of this year. His input was hugely important during the early days of the platform's development, and he remains one of our more active posters to this day.

If that wasn't enough, Bryan also contributed to Shacknews editorial this year with a very cool feature on the rise of hit game Among Us. What can't this guy do?

We are very happy to announce that Bryan "skankcore" Lefler has won the Do it for Shacknews Award 2020. He embodies everything it means to do it for Shacknews, and we look forward to seeing where his can-do attitude takes him in 2021. 

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