How to change clothes - Cyberpunk 2077

Improve how you look by changing your clothes in Cyberpunk 2077.


Creating and styling your own V is part of the charm of Cyberpunk 2077. As you progress through the game, you’ll gain access to new items of clothing, at which point you’ll no doubt want to change clothes. It might sound strange, but sometimes there are requirements before you can don a new jacket or pair of pants. Let us give you a quick rundown of the basics.

Change your clothes – Cyberpunk 2077

Your appearance as a street samurai in Cyberpunk 2077 is defined by the clothing you wear. As you work your way through the game, you’ll find, unlock, and maybe even purchase some new clothing that will really make your look come together. If you’re still working out the basics – as is normal in a huge game like this – it can be a bit confusing trying to change your clothes. Here are the steps you should take:

  1. Open your Inventory/pause the game
  2. Go to the Inventory tab to see your clothing broken into sections on the right
  3. Select the body part you want to change the clothing on
  4. Find the item you want to wear (hovering over it shows you how it compares)
  5. Select the clothing you want to wear to put it on
change clothes cyberpunk 2077
You can change your clothes in the Inventory menu in the pause screen.

That’s really all there is to changing your clothes. When you first start the game, you may encounter some restrictions on what you can and cannot wear based on your level. You will need to level up a bit in order to equip some items of clothing.

Keep in mind that you can also add mods to certain items (highlighted by a gray circle) and even unlock Special sets. All of these work together to allow you to create the V you want to be.

Now that you know how to change clothes in Cyberpunk 2077, you can get back to creating the ultimate V. Perhaps yours is one that wears rough street clothes? Or maybe you’re a bit of a Corpo and want a swish suit. Whatever the case, get out there and start dressing how you want. Remember to stop by the Shacknews Cyberpunk 2077 guide and walkthrough for more helpful bits and pieces.

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