Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 3 revealed at The Game Awards

Celebrate the holidays in Fall Guys with a new season full of rewards.


Another game that has positively captured gamers’ full attention this year is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. As the end of the year rolls around, players were anticipating another season to be released, and the good news is that it’s almost here. Fall Guys: Season 3 looks to bring a bit of wintery goodness to the quirky battle royale race. Check out the trailer below!

Announced at the Game Awards 2020 on December 10, Season 3 of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will add a touch of winter cheer to the game. Players will have new levels to battle through, which includes a new gauntlet of obstacles to get in their way. The trailer may have hinted at one or two of these new additions.

And, of course, a new season of Fall Guys wouldn’t be complete without new costumes and emotes to unlock. The trailer featured the adorable little beans in new clothes and gear, all of which are likely going to be available to be earned.  

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 3 is scheduled to begin on December 15. Those that want to join in on the fun will need to make sure they have the game all installed and updated. For more information, check out the Fall Guys site and be sure to stop by the Game Awards 2020 page for even more news and announcements made during today’s show.

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