Star Wars: The Old Republic update 6.2 patch notes hear the Echoes of Vengeance today

The search for Satele Shan begins in Star Wars: The Old Republic's 6.2 update, Echoes of Vengeance.


What the hotness in Star Wars right now? Supermarket romance? That was so 2019! Baby Yodas? Getting warmer! It's Mandalorians! Star Wars: The Old Republic knows what's up and while that world is set tens of thousands of years before Din Djarin was even born, EA and BioWare Austin still have a tale to weave about the ancient warriors of Mandalore. That's just some of what players will experience with Star Wars: The Old Republic's 6.2 update, Echoes of Vengeance, which is now live.

There are a pair of story instances to find in The Old Republic's latest update. The Echoes of Oblivion storyline will follow Jedi Knight Kira Carsen and Sith Lord Scourge, among others. Former Jedi Knight Satele Shan has gone missing. Players may recall that Satele had renounced her title, but disappeared shortly afterwards along with her students. Echoes of Oblivion will see players getting to the bottom of her disappearance. However, they'll run into resistance from servants of the former Sith Emperor, who have plans for the game's heroes.

The Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint storyline takes place aboard bounty hunter Shae Vizla's flagship. SWTOR players know her better as Mandalore the Avenger, but not every Mandalorian is fighting by her side. A renegade Mandalorian sect is set to ambush her ship, the Spirit of Vengeance II, with the aim to steal Mandalorian relics. It'll be up to the players to fend off the rogue threat and save the Spirit of Vengeance II, its crew, and its cargo.

On top of the story instances, Star Wars: The Old Republic is set to receive some substantial quality-of-life upgrades as part of the 6.2 update. Players will notice a revamped login reward system, a revamped Emote Window, and new ranked PvP rewards. Plus, the Life Day event is underway with fresh objectives and rewards. And can you believe The Old Republic is nine years old already? BioWare Austin is celebrating by adding an Anniversary Personnel Vendor aboard the player's Fleet, who will specialize in selling new anniversary rewards, as well as previous anniversary rewards for any newcomers.

SWTOR players can learn more about Echoes of Vengeance on the Star Wars: The Old Republic website. The 6.2 patch notes are also available for your perusal. The update is live now and if you're jumping in for the first time, remember that the MMORPG is now available on Steam.

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