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Abilities to unlock first - Immortals Fenyx Rising

There are dozens of abilities to unlock in Immortals Fenyx Rising, but which ones should you focus on first?


Immortals Fenyx Rising contains a massive world to explore, intense puzzles to solve, and powerful enemies to overcome. It's going to take a strong character to rise above these challenges. Fortunately, Fenyx is capable of using a variety of sklils and abilities. But which abilities should players look to utilize first?

Abilities to unlock first - Immortals Fenyx Rising

In Immortals Fenyx Rising, players can purchase new skills and abilities by spending Coins of Charon. These are found in chests and earned after completing certain side quests. While you can focus on combat skills and the likes in the Abilities menu, there are some specific skills that are worth picking up first. They mainly center around the Godly Powers, which are on the right side of the Abilities menu.

Here are the abilities to unlock first.

Precision Control

Apollo's Arrows are an invaluable ability that you'll use throughout the game. Vaults of Tartaros will contain precision targets, while Odysseus challenges will challenge players to guide their arrows through strings of rings. Hitting these targets becomes much easier if you can control the speed of your arrows, so make sure to invest in Precision Control before anything else.

Once you have Precision Control unlocked, go hit the Odysseus challenges and complete them in order to earn even more Coins of Charon, which you can invest in other abilities.

Hephaistos's Hammer

While Fenyx's combat mainly revolves around using a sword and axe, there's a third weapon that can hit much harder. Hephaistos's Hammer covers a wide range and hits even harder than the axe, making it a deadly weapon to use in conjunction with the sword. The Hammer is a strong weapon to have at the ready, especially in the early hours of the game.

Herakles's Leap

You're going to encounter flying enemies throughout the game. That includes several bosses, which can't be reached from the ground. Fortunately, you can use your Coins of Charon towards Herakles's Leap. This will pull Fenyx skyward towards any airborn enemies, including bosses. This will allow you to get critical strikes and maintain pressure on any flying foes, which can shorten battles significantly.

Phosphor's Cloak

After meeting Hermes for the first time, Fenyx will find a mysterious object that crash lands out in the distance. Complete this line of quests to unlock Phosphor, the trusty firebird. Once you have Phosphor, you can unlock different Phosphor abilities.

Phosphor's Cloak is a strong ability that will up your stealth game significantly. If you're in a bad situation and want to walk away without being spotted, use Phosphor's Cloak to go invisible. Invisibility will also aid you in unleashing stealth attacks, which do greater damage.

Phosphor's Clone

Vaults of Tartaros are filled with different varieties of puzzles. Many of those puzzles revolve around pressure switches. Some of the solutions to these puzzles can be tricky and some can feel impossible. What's the solution?


Phosphor's Clone will create a Fenyx clone, which can be used as a decoy. But more importantly, it can be placed on light pressure switches in order to weigh them down. That can help you get around a lot of puzzle solutions and can even help you avoid entire puzzle segments entirely.

You'll eventually reach a point in the late game where you'll need the Phosphor's Clone, but having this in the early going will put you at a big advantage.

Laser Immunity

Athena's Dash can help you employ swiftness in combat. However, a later ability under the Athena's Dash skill branch is called Laser Immunity. A few hours into the game, you'll encounter Vaults containing deadly lasers, which will do heavy damage if they hit you. Make sure to unlock Laser Immunity so that you can use Athena's Dash to speed through the lasers unscathed.

If you have Coins of Charon burning a hole in your pocket, these are the abilities you'll want to unlock first. For more on Ubisoft Quebec's new adventure, be sure to follow our Immortals Fenyx Rising coverage.

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