How to unlock the Epilogue - Hades

Hades has a long road to its post-game content, known as the Epilogue. We've got all the details you'll need to get there.


Breaking out of the realm of Hades is only one part of the full equation of the game. Once you accomplish the impossible for the first time, the true test begins. At the long end of that road, the Epilogue awaits with a wealth of post-game content, but it’s not quite the simplest matter to unlock it. If you’re wondering how Hades’ Epilogue works, then we have all the details for you here.

SPOILERS LIE AHEAD: If you want to experience Hades’ narrative fully for yourself, don’t read further.

How to unlock the Epilogue

Once you've finished 10 runs of Hades, then the path towards the Epilogue begins.
Once you've finished 10 runs of Hades, then the path towards the Epilogue begins.

The Epilogue is post-credits content in Hades. It only becomes possible to unlock it after you’ve beaten the game 10 times and achieved the True Ending of the game and gives you access to new weapon upgrades and other post-content goodies. You’ll know you’ve finally arrived at the True Ending point when the credits roll and Persephone finally returns to the House of Hades with you.

Now you may think, “cool, this means I’ve done it. I’m in the Epilogue!” Not so fast, bucko. There’s more. See, even though you beat the game, you’ve still got a task ahead of you, and that’s unlocking the Epilogue content through Persephone.

So how do you do that? It’s a little fuzzier here. The exact unlock conditions seem unclear, but here’s what we do know. You have to continue finishing playthroughs all the way to the end until you see an exclamation point appear over Persephone’s head, triggering new mission dialogue. It’s at that exact point that you will have finally entered the Epilogue. While it seems to be random when that dialogue will trigger with Persephone, many agree that you also need to have achieved a Heat level of at least 8. So to sum things up, here’s the rundown.

  • Beat Hades 10 times and get the True Ending.
  • Achieve a Heat level of 8 through further post-True Ending playthroughs and finishes.
  • Look for an exclamation mark over Persephone and then interact with her.

Many sources suggest having high affinity with Olympians also helps, so you might keep collecting Nectar and Ambrosia to help in your journey. Whatever the case, the above guidelines should get you to the Epilogue. After that, it appears to be luck of the RNG.

With all of that settled, you should find your way to the Epilogue along the steps charted out above. Good luck! And if you need more than luck, be sure to head back to our Hades topic to get some more help with the game.

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