How to get Titan Blood - Hades

If you want to upgrade your weapons Hades, you're going to need Titan Blood, and this guide will set you on the path to collect as much as you need.


When you collect all of the Infernal Arms in Hades, so too do you earn the ability to purchase and upgrade Aspects of each weapon with their own unique bonuses and attacks. That said, you’re going to need a special currency if you want to earn each weapon’s Aspects. That currency is Titan Blood. It’s in very scarce supply throughout all of the Underworld, but we have plenty of tips on how to get enough for all your weapon upgrading needs.

SPOILERS LIE AHEAD: If you want to experience Hades’ narrative fully for yourself, don’t read further.

How to get Titan Blood

Titan Blood will mostly be used to unlock Infernal Arms Aspects and level them up once unlocked.
Titan Blood in Hades will mostly be used to unlock Infernal Arms Aspects and level them up once unlocked.

There are six ways in which to earn Titan Blood in Hades. They are as follows alongside total limits.

  • Defeating one of the Furies (bosses of the first region, Tartarus) with one of the six weapons for the first time. - 6 total
  • Defeating Hades (boss of the final battle region, Temple of Styx) with one of the six weapons for the first time. - 6 total
  • Defeating Hades or the Furies with any weapon the first time after increasing the level of bounties up to each level of Heat (up to level 20). - 2 bosses x 6 weapons x 20 heat levels for 240 total
  • Rewards of certain achievements in the Fated List of Minor Prophecies. - 43 total
  • Trading with the Wretched Broker in the House of Hades Lounge.
  • Chance of appearing in Charon’s shop for 1200 Obol coins or 960 if you have a Loyalty Card.
  • Greece (the ending region) and Temple of Styx fishing spots occasionally appear and Titan’s Blood is a possible reward.

Without purchasing or earning Titan Blood from Charon, the Wretched Broker, or fishing in Greece or Temple of Styx, there are 295 earnable Titan Blood through boss fights, bounty Heat levels, and Prophecy achievements. As an aside, it takes Titan Blood to unlock a weapon Aspect and further Titan Blood to upgrade it. Each weapon has four Aspects and each Aspect has five upgrade levels. To get each of the six weapons’ four Aspects and upgrade their levels five times, you’d need 306 Titan Blood. There are other minor uses for Titan Blood through the Resource Director and House Contractor, but weapons are likely where you’ll be putting most of your currency, so just keep in mind that you might need to buy fish up a few extra along the way.

Now that you know where and how to get your hands on Titan Blood in Hades, be sure to head back to the topic and check out the rest of our Hades coverage, including our review of the game.

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