Mario Kart Tour pushes sibling rivalry with Mario vs. Luigi Tour

Sibling plumbers collide as part of the latest Mario Kart Tour event, which also adds Builder Mario and Builder Luigi straight out of Super Mario Maker 2.


It's always sad to see brothers fight, but it can be pretty entertaining to see if they find a healthy outlet for their competitive instincts. Mario and Luigi still have a healthy sibling rivalry to work out, so they're taking their conflict out onto the race track. Mario Kart Tour's latest event will pit plumber vs. plumber in the Mario vs. Luigi Tour and it's an event that's going to work a little differently than normal.

With a name like the Mario vs. Luigi Tour, that would seem to imply that there will be some sort of winner. And that is indeed the case, as players will determine who the better brother is. Drivers will be prompted to join either Team Mario or Team Luigi. Depending on who you select, you'll run through your races as usual, but you'll also look to collect Team Mario or Team Luigi tokens. Whichever team collects the most tokens will be the winner at the end of the event. Plus, depending on your team choice, you'll add either Mario or Luigi to your playable roster.

But there's more than a competitive element at play with the Mario vs. Luigi Tour. Builder Mario and Builder Luigi are joining the roster as playable racers, straight out of Super Mario Maker 2. And yes, that is Builder Luigi driving a giant bulldozer, so get out of his way!

If you haven't gotten started on this mobile free-to-start game and this event has you feeling curious, you can jump into Mario Kart Tour for free (to start) on the App Store and Google Play. And if you need some pointers to help you get started, be sure to check out some of our previous guides over on the Mario Kart Tour topic.

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