Star Wars Squadrons gets new map next week, new ships in December

EA and Motive are looking to add a few final batches of free DLC to Star Wars Squadrons, which will include a new map next week and new starships next month.


While Star Wars Squadrons won't be adding anything new in terms of story content or paid DLC, that doesn't mean that EA and Motive are done with the game just yet. In fact, given the game's reception, they feel more motivated than ever to add to the space combat game. On Wednesday, Motive detailed what's next for Squadrons, revealing a new map set to release next week and some new ships on the horizon.

Star Wars Squadrons will deploy its 3.0 update next Wednesday, November 25. This will debut the new Fostar Haven map, which will take players back to one of the key locations of the single-player campaign. The map is being tweaked slightly to allow for Fleet Battles and Dogfight sessions. Don't crash into the numerous dockyards, unless you think you can lure your enemy into a trap. This update will also feature four new components, which include a Boot Extension Kit for Fighters and Bombers, Ion Rockets for Interceptors and Fighters, Prototype Piercing Torpedoes for Fighters and Bombers, and an Anti-Material Rocket Turret for the U-Wing and TIE Reaper.

While the 3.0 update is days away from deployment, Motive is already looking ahead to the upcoming 4.0 update. The studio is teasing this as the game's final update and it will include two new starfighters. The Republic side will receive the B-Wing Bomber. First seen in Return of the Jedi, this doesn't have much in the way of speed but makes up for it in terms of pure bomb compacity. The Empire will receive the TIE Defender, a new Fighter that contains deflector shields and four laser cannons. On top of the two new ships, players can expect to take part in Custom Matches, which will be added with the December update.

If you haven't picked up Star Wars Squadrons, it's gotten rave reviews from both players and critics, including us here at Shacknews. If you want to experience it for yourself, it's already seeing price drops and is expected to go for significantly cheaper than its retail price on Black Friday.

To learn more about Star Wars Squadrons' upcoming 3.0 and 4.0 updates, be sure to check out the Star Wars Squadrons website.

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