Twitch had record views in October 2020 with Among Us, Phasmophobia, & the US Elections

Just Chatting continues to be the dominating Twitch category of 2020, but indie titles like Among Us and Phasmophobia also pushed a record month of viewing.


Another State of the Stream report has come in from the folks at StreamElements and its analytical partner at, and it brings with it a wealth of interesting stats about Twitch viewing in October. With a packed month full of indie gaming booms, the League of Legends Worlds competition, and the 2020 US Elections keeping the attention of viewers worldwide, Twitch had a record-setting month of hours viewed on the platform.

StreamElements released its State of the Stream October 2020 report with stats gathered from in a press release on November 18, 2020. According to the report, Just Chatting absolutely dominated the month with 200 million hours watched, handily beating out its closest competitor in League of Legends, which saw 166 million hours of viewing as the Worlds global esports competition played out. Noteworthy is that news streamer HasanAbi not only cracked the top 10 viewed streamers in October, but was the #1 viewed streamer in the Just Chatting category due to his coverage of the 2020 US Elections.

HasanAbi had a breakout month in hours watched as the #1 Just Chatting streamer in Octoebr, but xQc remained handily at the top of the pack.
HasanAbi had a breakout month in hours watched as the #1 Just Chatting streamer in Octoebr, but xQc remained handily at the top of the pack.

Also noteworthy is that, despite a dip, Among Us not only managed to stay in the top 3 viewed categories of Twitch, but was joined by fellow multiplayer indie breakout Phasmophobia in October. Phasmophobia saw a huge boost in popularity alongside the spooky theming of Halloween with a 638% increase over the previous month for a total of 45 million hours in October, right next to Minecraft. Among Us captured over 106 million hours of viewing and continues to see love from viewers for its considerable fun as a co-op whodunit.

As many of these trends were very much focused on certain events such as Halloween, League of Legends Worlds, and the 2020 US Elections, we could see a drastic change in November, but it will be interesting to see how long something like Among Us can remain consistent after becoming such a breakout hit. Stay tuned next month for another StreamElements and State of the Stream.

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