Apple reveals new M1 ARM system on a chip for Macs

The new ARM-powered Macs will utilize Apple's new M1 chipset.


Apple’s upcoming ARM Macs will include a special made chipset that Apple has dubbed M1. The new silicone chip will power new Macs, and Apple claims that the 8-core CPU is the highest performance CPU that the company has ever created.

According to the Apple website, the new M1 chip will feature a unified memory that is shared across the entire system. The M1 chip is going to be a big feature of the new Macs, and will be available in three new systems, which apple revealed today. A new 13-inch MacBook Pro, a new MacBook Air, and a Mac mini.

The new M1 chip will feature an 8-core CPU, which Apple says will provide up to 3.5x faster CPU performance according to tests that the company conducted in October of 2020. Unlike previous systems, the new Macs with the M1 chip won’t require multiple chipsets in order to process graphics and everything else. It will all work off of a single chip, allowing for the Macs to work more seamlessly within Apple’s ecosystem.

The new M1 chips will also support various Universal apps, which are designed to run on both M1 and Intel powered Macs. According to Apple’s website, you’ll be ale to “fly through tasks with Final Cut Pro, like rendering a complex timeline up to 6x faster.” Apple also claims that the M1 chips will allow the Macs to run much quicker than previous Macs with Intel chipsets.

The new Macs with M1 are set to arrive next week, and you can preorder them as early as today. The M1 chip will also support your favorite iPhone and iPad apps, allowing you to run them directly on your Mac for the first time. That should give Mac users even more games and content to enjoy as they settle in behind the screen of the new Apple-powered Mac.

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