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Stench of Treachery traitor - Assassin's Creed Valhalla

The Stench of Treachery traitor is easy to miss in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is full of decisions and mysteries for players to uncover. One of these mysteries is part of the main questline in Grantebridgescire. Today, I’m going to help players figure out who the traitor is, either by giving hints to figure it out, or just outright providing the answer. Spoilers ahead, so back out now if that’s a concern.

Stench of Treachery traitor

Stench of Treachery Traitor Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Once players dig into the main questline in Grantebridgescire, Soma will task Eivor with finding out which of her three most trusted allies betrayed her: Birna, Lif, or Galinn.

Eivor can investigate who betrayed Soma, both by doing the quest for each of her allies, and just generally investigating the land around Soma’s settlement, Grantebridge. For players that want to figure out who the traitor is on their own, there are areas they should focus on.

Look for evidence in Grantebridge by searching the entire area and speaking with NPCs. Primarily, go into the longhouse and enter Soma’s tunnel. Follow it using Odin’s Sight frequently and there will be lots of evidence to evaluate. Take note of the yellow paint that marks the path.

After following the path of the yellow paint to the water, focus attention on the swamps. South of the Isle of Ely Monastery will be three islands: two smaller ones on the right and a larger one on the left. Explore the waterway between the largest island and the middle island. There, players will find a longboat with yellow paint. Go west from the longboat and up the path to a tower. Who was in that tower previously?

Traitor revealed

For players that want to know who the traitor is without doing the work, it’s Galinn. Galinn took Lif’s yellow paint, and it’s his longboat that players can find in the swamps. Galinn was also the one who hid in the tower west of the longboat. Most tellingly, Galinn killed the prisoner that Soma said not to, and then was stared at awkwardly by the rest of the group. That was obviously a tell, and it’s what put me on his trail long before I confirmed my suspicions with evidence.

Telling Soma the traitor is anyone but Galinn has negative consequences. It’ll lead to an additional boss battle, cause Birna not to join Eivor’s crew, lead to an innocent person dying, and cause Soma to become cold towards the player. It’s best to not screw this one up.

Now that players know who the traitor is in Stench of Treachery, get back out there and be the best Viking possible. Our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla strategy guide is a good resource to do just that.


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