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How to catch a Pineantula - Bugsnax

Discover the best way to capture a Pineantula, a little creature Wiggle wants you to catch in Bugsnax.


Catching a Pineantula is a tricky thing to do in Bugsnax. These little creatures like to burrow underground, and no manner of jumping or prodding will get them out. As luck would have it, the quest Pen Pineapple tasks players with capturing a Pineantula and feeding it to Wiggle.

How to catch a Pineantula

The process of catching or getting a Pineantula is a bit tricky. As with some of the other more involved Bugsnax, capturing this bugsnak requires using another bugsnak to dig it out. The reason for this is that the Pineantula tends to stay buried in the ground.

For the quest, Pen Pineapple, you will need to feed Wiggle a Pineantula in order to change her hair into something more funky. Head over to the beach where the Pineantula are in the ground and the Crapples are wandering around.

bugsnax catch a pineantula
If a Pineantula is covered in chocolate or peanut butter a Crapple will pull it right out of the ground. 

Collect some chocolate from the nearby bush and then use the Sauce Slinger to lob it at a Pineantula. The smell of the chocolate will attract a Crapple. Wait for the Crapple to dig the Pineantula out of the ground and run off. The Crapple will throw the Pineantula into the air, stunning it when it hits the ground. Run up to the Pineantula and use your net to capture it.

With the Pineantula in your inventory, you can return to Wiggle to complete the quest, Pen Pineapple. Keep in mind that there is a Kweeble nearby, and it also loves chocolate, which could create a bit of a tricky situation. Try to ensure the Crapple is near the Pineantula so the Kweeble doesn’t get in the way.

Now that you know how to catch a Pineantula, you have some more valuable information in your pocket to help you capture more bugsnax in the future. Be sure to look over the Shacknews Bugsnax page for more assistance in catching some of the rather elusive critters.

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