How to catch a Grapeskeeto - Bugsnax

Help Wiggle as part of the Green Day quest by catching a Grapeskeeto in Bugsnax.


The Grapeskeeto is one of the first flying critters players will be able to catch in Bugsnax. This flying bugsnak stays in the air for a long time and is rather difficult to reach. However, there is a way to get it to come down, and once it does, it becomes incredibly easy to capture.

How to catch a Grapeskeeto

One of the first times you will be asked to catch a Grapeskeeto in Bugsnax is when you reach Simmering Springs and speak to Wiggle. She will give you a quest to catch a Pineantula and then request you get her a Grapeskeeto for the quest, Green Day.

catch grapeskeeto bugsnax
Once the Grapeskeeto is on the ground, you can just walk up to it and catch it with your net.

To catch a Grapeskeeto, you must first get it to stop flying and land on the ground. To do this, you must attract it to the ground. This can be done by using your Sauce Slinger to throw some chocolate on a Strabby. The Grapeskeeto will smell the chocolate and come flying down to eat the Strabby!

After the Grapeskeeto finishes eating the Strabby, it will be all full and fat and unable to fly. It’s at this point you can easily walk up to it and catch it with your net – no Snak Trap needed. Be aware, it has a short recovery window, so don’t be too far from it when it does have its meal.

The Grapeskeeto is one of the easier bugsnax to catch in the game. However, because it is flying it can be a little bit intimidating at first. But, as with all of the critters in Bugsnax, if you can work out what it likes and how it behaves, it becomes really easy to capture.

Now that you’ve caught the Grapeskeeto, you can return to Wiggle and continue trying to convince her to return to Snaxburg. Swing by the Shacknews Bugsnax page for even more helpful tips on how to catch the many creatures in the game.

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