What is a root bugsnak and where to find one - Bugsnax

Learn what Bugsnax is talking about when it asks you to find a root bugsnak for Wambus.


There are many different types of bugsnax in, well, Bugsnax. There are different colors, different temperaments, and other varieties. Sometimes, certain quests will ask you to find a certain time, such as when Bugsnax wants you to find a root bugsnak. For newer players, working out what a root bugsnak is might cause a moment’s pause.

What is a root bugsnak

what is a root bugsnak bugsnax
A root bugsnak is one that is a kind of root vegetable, like a carrot!

As part of the side quest, Wambus Digs Deeper, Wambus wants to work out how Bugsnax reproduce. To help him on his way, Wambus requests players bring him one fruit bugsnak and one root bugsnak. A fruit one is easy enough to grasp, but some players may stumble on working out what exactly Wambus means when he wants a root bugsnak.

To put it simply, a root bugsnak is a type of creature that would be classed as a root vegetable. That is to say, something like a carrot or – to use a Bugsnax example – a Rootle. A Rootle looks like a carrot but moves like a slug of some sort.

Where to find a root bugsnak

where to find root bugsnak bugsnax
A root bugsnak can be found in Flavor Falls, the first area in Bugsnax. There is a Rootle (or a white variant) by the stream.

Players can capture a Rootle or a White Rootle from the Flavor Falls area, just east of Snaxburg. These are two of the earliest root bugsnax players can encounter in the game. Thankfully, they’re pretty simple to capture. Just pop the Snak Trap down in their path and wait for them to walk into it.

After you find the root bugsnak and the fruit bugsnak, return to Wambus and plant both of them in his farm. It might be a while until you see the fruits of your labor, so keep checking back until Wambus has his answer.

Some players may wonder what Bugsnax means when it tasks them with finding a root bugsnak. For those that don’t know that a carrot is a root vegetable, it’s easy to miss. However, these are easy to find and even easier to catch. Now, be sure to look over the Shacknews Bugsnax page, it’s here you’ll discover even more nifty tips.

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