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How to wait and pass time - Bugsnax

Some events in Bugsnax only happen at a certain time, which makes waiting and passing time an important skill to learn.


Players learn early on in Bugsnax that some critters and events take place at specific times. Instead of standing around twiddling your thumbs, there is a way you can wait or pass time in Bugsnax.

How to pass time by waiting

There is a day and night cycle in Bugsnax and with events happening at certain times. It’s not ideal to just stand around for ten minutes waiting for the right time, so thankfully Bugsnax has a handy wait for you to pass time by waiting.

To wait and pass time in Bugsnax, you must find and use a bed. The first time you will need to do this is part of the quest, Dig That Dirt, which is given to you from Beffica.

how to wait and pass time bugsnax

Inside Beffica’s cave is a bed. Approach the bed and interact with it to be given a few options on how long you want to nap for. These are the options:

  • Sleep until 5AM
  • Sleep until Noon (12PM)
  • Sleep until 5PM
  • Sleep until Midnight (12AM)
  • Don’t Sleep

There are enough timeslots here that you should be able to get fairly close to the time you need. Make sure you check your quest log so you don’t oversleep and miss the event. For example, some bugsnax are only available at night and some Grumpuses have a specific routine and schedule.

Because you can’t wait until a specific time, you will want to know how long the days are in Bugsnax. This will help you plan out your bugsnak-hunting and Grumpus tracking down to the minute.

Waiting and passing time in Bugsnax is incredibly easy. There are beds to be found in each of the different areas, so there’s no need to use the same one each time. Just find a bed and nap in it to wait! Sneak on over to the Shacknews Bugsnax page for more useful hunting and trapping tips.

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