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How multiplayer works - Little Hope

Learn how to set up a co-op multiplayer game of Little Hope to play the story with friends.


Playing Little Hope multiplayer with a few friends is the best way to experience this latest entry in the Dark Pictures Anthology. Setting up a co-op multiplayer game of Little Hope takes a bit of work, but it’s worth it thanks to how the game handles whose turn it is next and the conversations that come from the decisions you make!

How to start Little Hope co-op with friends

Little Hope follows the story of five people trying to survive in a ghost town called Little Hope. As such, the game allows for up to five players at once. This allows you and four other friends to get together to experience Little Hope in co-op.

Little Hope multiplayer setup assign characters
Once you set how many players there are, you will be able to assign who is controlling what character in Little Hope.

It’s worth noting that playing online will mean you can only play through the game of Little Hope with one other person and they will need a copy of the game as well. Aside from that little tidbit, setting up a Little Hope multiplayer game is simple:

  1. Select Don’t Play Alone
  2. Choose Movie Night if your friends are in the room with you or Shared Story if playing online
  3. Choose New Story
  4. Select New Saved Data to create a new save slot
  5. Add Player 1’s name to the first ticket
  6. Add Player 2’s name to the second ticket
  7. Use the third ticket to add additional players (up to 5) or skip this step
  8. Use the last ticket labelled Ready to move to assigning characters
  9. Take turns selecting which character each player will control or press Square to Auto Assign
  10. Use the bottom ticket labelled Ready to start the Little Hope co-op story

How Little Hope multiplayer works

little hope multiplayer co-op
Little Hope will let you know whose turn it is when you're playing the game co-op with friends. 

As for how the multiplayer in Little Hope actually works, players simply take turns. When playing using Movie Night, the game will pause and tell you whose turn is next using the name you entered when setting up the game. At this time, pass the controller to that player and then that player can continue the story by pressing the appropriate button.

When playing Shared Story online with friends, it’s likely a similar setup whereby the game will pause and tell you whose turn is next. These turn-swapping moments tend to occur after each scene. Don’t worry about taking too long as the game will wait for you to indicate that you’re ready.

Playing a co-op multiplayer game of Little Hope is a great way to experience the game’s haunting story. Whether you’re using the Movie Night setting for couch co-op or the Shared Story for online play, it’s bound to be a spooky time.

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