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Predator: Hunting Grounds sounds the horn for Viking Predator DLC

Raid and pillage with Predator: Hunting Grounds' newest Predator variant: The Viking Predator.


The pursuit continues in Predator: Hunting Grounds. But hunting the standard Predator may not be enough for fans of the franchise. Players are itching to change things up a bit, so developer IllFonic has brought in a new Predator type for the game's latest batch of paid DLC. Say hello to the Viking Predator.

Let's allow IllFonic's VP of Art Tramell Isaac to describe the Viking Predator in his own words on PlayStation.Blog:

The Viking Predator can be traced back to when the Viking raiders consumed lands far from their own borders, and by doing so managed to draw attention they never imagined. The death and destruction throughout the world would bring a gift from the sky to challenge the most powerful and honorable warriors in battle. As the legends of this Yautja spread, Norsemen saw an opportunity to gain an honorable death by way of this wanderer, so they continued to pursue glory. Over centuries, the strongest, bravest warriors would journey out raiding to lure this great force into ritual combat with hopes of feasting in the halls of Valhalla.

The perks of our newest Nordic extraterrestrial hunter is found in his strength. The Viking is insanely strong, even more so than the Berserker but be forewarned; he is slower. As the Viking, you will be a ferocious adversary that won't rely on additional gear, but more on your abilities as a player... and the use of your new trusty Battle Axe.

The Battle Axe is a two-handed melee weapon meant for close-range attacks. The secondary attack will deliver a powerful overhead blow that deals greater damage. The Battle Axe complements the Predator's standard arsenal and makes the Viking a formidable foe.

In addition to the Viking Predator, Predator: Hunting Grounds is getting a free update. Players will find new quickplay options in Hunt and Clash modes. IllFonic is also offering incentives for playing in low population queues by offering bonus XP. Look for balance tweaks, as well, including 16 new bonus perks. The Predator: Hunting Grounds 2.08 patch notes will have more information on this.

The Viking Predator is up on the PlayStation Store and Epic Games Store right now for $4.99. The full game is also discounted for the next few weeks, so give it a look. Check out our review while you're at it

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