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Due Process brings procedurally-generated tactics to Steam Early Access today

The 5v5 tactical FPS Due Process, from Annapurna Interactive and Giant Enemy Crab, hits Steam Early Access today and no two fights will be the same.


The development team at Giant Enemy Crab is familiar with the idea of tactical team-based shooters. But they aren't just adding to the field with their debut effort, Due Process. They're bringing something different to the table and players can now get a taste of what that means. Publisher Annapurna Interactive announced on Tuesday that, after more than two years in development, the game is now on Steam Early Access.

Due Process pits a team of five Enforcers against a team of five Defenders in tactical shooting action. Normally, a major bedrock of tactical team-based shooting involves becoming familiar with the map, knowing your surroundings, and planning accordingly. The thing with Due Process is, that's sort of off the table. That's because the game's maps are entirely procedurally-generated. The development team is insistent that success come from communication with teammantes and knowing your enemy's moves rather than from knowing a map's layout.

"We set out to create a first-person shooter experience that relied more on communication and teamwork, rather than dexterity and map knowledge," Creative Director Alexander Baard said via press release. "Our maps are procedurally generated, so rather than memorize the maps to win, you must make a plan with your teammates on how to attack or defend, and we look forward to watching players have to rely on their strategy and skill."

While Due Process is a long way from release, Annapurna and Giant Enemy Crab are making a heavy push to up the game's player base as much as possible from the start. Not only is the game getting a launch window discount of 25 percent off, but anybody who picks it up in the first week will get a second copy of the game for free to gift to a friend.

Due Process is on Steam Early Access right now. Servers are up and running in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia with Japan, Singapore, and Russia set to jump on board in the weeks ahead.

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