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Best lobby settings - Among Us

Set up the perfect game of Among Us with these lobby settings for large groups and small groups.


Setting up a lobby in Among Us is super easy. However, depending on whether you have a large group or small group to play with, you might want to try out some different lobby and game settings. As you become more comfortable and familiar with the people you’re playing with, further tweaks may be required to find a decent balance.

Large group lobby settings – 7 or more players

among us game lobby settings
Taking a moment to tweak the Among Us game settings when in the lobby makes for better matches.

Large games of Among Us are the easiest ones to set up. There are enough players to cause plenty of chaos that there’s not much need for fine-tuning. However, some things will always need to be tweaked. Try out these Among Us game settings for large groups:

  • Impostor: 2
  • Confirm Ejects: Off
  • Discussion Time: 75s or more
  • Voting Time: 30s
  • Crewmate Vision: 1.0x
  • Impostor Vision: 1.75x
  • Kill Cooldown: 45s
  • Kill Distance: Medium
  • Common Tasks: 1
  • Long Tasks: 1
  • Short Tasks: 3 or more

Firstly, Confirm Ejects should always be off. This extra information can be far too powerful, giving crewmates too much information.

This is where it could be a bit contentious: Discussion and Voting time. I’m a big advocate for more discussion time to ensure everyone has a chance to say their piece. Too often with smaller discussion and bigger voting windows, people will quickly vote before someone has been given a chance to defend themselves. Tweak these as you see fit.

Vision should be imbalanced whereby Impostors should always be able to see more than a crewmate. To balance this out, keep the Kill Cooldown a bit higher, especially with 2 seasoned Impostors.

The tasks for a big group can be changed at will, with more Short Tasks added as required.

Small group lobby settings – 6 or fewer players

among us small group game settings
Playing in a small group makes it really tough to be the Impostor. Changing the game settings can help balance the experience.

Playing a game of Among Us with a small group is really challenging. This is because the lines between victory and defeat are razor thin. Also, if you’re playing with a group of friends, it can become quite easy to catch someone out if you know them well enough. For this reason, setting up a lobby for a small group becomes critical. Here are some Among Us game settings you might like to consider:

  • Impostor: 1
  • Confirm Ejects: Off
  • Crewmate Vision: 0.5x
  • Impostor Vision: 1.75x
  • Kill Cooldown: 30s
  • Kill Distance: Long
  • Common Tasks: 0
  • Long Tasks: 1
  • Short Tasks: 4 or more

The goal with these settings is to try and reduce the likelihood of a crewmate victory. With one Impostor and a group of close friends, it can be extremely easy for the crewmates to win by either sticking together or working out who was missing when a murder took place.

Reducing the crewmate vision and increasing the kill distance ensures the crewmates see less and gives the Impostor a chance of killing someone without being seen. Tweak these as you need to find a balance that fits your party.

An important thing to note is that Common Tasks are off. This is because it is extremely easy to tell if someone doesn’t have the admin card swipe as everyone will just line up and take turns. For the other tasks, tinker with the settings after each match to find one that works for your lobby.

These game settings for Among Us should help you get the perfect match going. Whether you’re playing with a small group or a large group, there are enough settings here that you can tweak to ensure each match is balanced. Check out the Shacknews Among Us guides for even more useful tips.

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