Ghostbusters' car location - Fortnite

Find out where the Ghostbusters' car is located in Fortnite and how to get your own glimpse of Ecto-1.


Fortnite is currently going through its annual Halloween celebration with Fortnitemares, and anyone jumping into the game will find a slew of spooky content waiting to greet them. One of the best easter eggs to make an appearance during this year’s event, though, is the appearance of the Ghostbusters’ car, Ecto-1, on the Fortnite map.

Ghostbusters’ car location - Fortnite

To find the Ghostbusters’ car, players are going to want to make their way over to Camp Cod. This location can easily be found on the map, so open it up and throw down a marker before diving in.

Once you arrive in Camp Cod, you’re going to want to look out for a large barn-like building along the southern side of the island that Camp Cod is situated on. Head to the barn and you should see a car inside with a covering of some kind over top of it. This is Ecto-1, or the Ectomobile, or just the Ghostbusters’ car, for those who aren’t all that familiar with the car’s actual name.

Ghostbusters' car location in Fortnite
The Ghostbusters' car can be found at Camp Cod, hidden under an old cover.

This isn’t the only Halloween update situated around the map, either. You can also find a slew of other decorations around the various towns and points of interest. Make sure you check them out, too, as they’ll help you get into the Halloween spirit during the Fortnitemare event. There are also some new skins and other items, which should be appearing in the item shop throughout the coming days.

We’re not entirely sure how long the Ghostbusters’ car will be available to visit in Fortnite, so make sure you head over there pretty soon and check it out. You can also make your way over to our Fortnite topic, where you’ll find a ton of other info and coverage of the game and its various updates.

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