Adobe & NVIDIA unveil AI-powered Smart Portrait at Adobe MAX

As part of this week's Adobe MAX conference, Adobe and NVIDIA are unveiling some major advancements that will allow artists to use AI for photo editing.


Creating photo art is typically a slow process. Usually, artists and video editors would need to take several manual steps in order to make edits to something like facial characteristics. However, Adobe and NVIDIA are teaming up in order to expedite this process significantly. It involves using a new AI process to create a new Smart Portrait Filter, which will be unveiled during this week's Adobe MAX conference.

According to the NVIDIA website, artists can experiment with edits to a portrait's facial characteristics, including gaze direction and lighting angles, by dragging around a slider. This simpler process replaces one that used to require multiple manual steps, cutting the artistic process down by hours.

"Neural filters are a new feature set for artists to try AI-powered tools that enable them to explore creative ideas and make amazing, complex adjustments to images in just seconds," reads the NVIDIA blog post. "Done manually, these adjustments would take artists hours of tedious work. AI allows artists to make these changes almost instantaneously."

Meanwhile, video editors are set to benefit from this collaboration between Adobe and NVIDIA. For the latest edition of Adobe Premiere Pro, video decoding will now be offloaded to NVIDIA's dedicated GPU decoder. This will result in smoother video playback and sharper responsiveness, especially when working with massive ultra HD video files. Premiere Elements will get a similar upgrade as its editing process will now be GPU-accelerated, allowing for a smoother experience. All of this will be available as part of the October NVIDIA Studio Driver update, which is available today.

Adobe MAX begins today and will continue through Thursday, October 22. NVIDIA will host a special session that explains more about Smart Portrait and the continuing advancement of AI in the digital art world. The session will run on Wednesday, October 21 at 11AM PT.

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