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Cyberpunk 2077 will feature four specific fashion styles

The denizens of Night City have a style all of their own. Check out the four main archetypes you'll encounter when playing.


CD Projekt Red presented a new episode of their Cyberpunk 2077 features series Night City Wire today, and with it, continued to offer more detail on Night City and what players can expect to encounter while playing. After a heavy focus on the automobiles of Night City, the feature concentrated on the various fashion styles that will adorn the city folk. Most residents will outfit themselves in one of four main fashion archetypes, kitsch, entropism, neomilitarism, and neokitsch.

Citizens who dress in the kitsch style are identifiable by their reliance on form over function. Often gaudy in appearance, the kitsch style aims to grab attention above all other considerations. Heavy on mismatched neon hues, this is a style that will be hard to miss in passing. 

NPCs who clothe themselves in the entropism style do not appear to have any worries about outward appearance. The victims of years of economic strife, certain groups of Night City inhabitants simply wear whatever they can find. When you have problems securing stable housing or nourishing meals, fashion becomes the least of your concerns. Trying to impress your oppressors makes little sense.

The neomilitarism style is most commonly adopted by the most affluent citizens of Night City. Identifiable by the dominance of black fabrics and tailored suits, the neomilitaristic apparel celebrates substance over style. When you catch one of their boots to the face, you can be sure it was expensive.

The predominantly black clothing of the neomilitaristic look is easy to spot
The predominantly black clothing of the neomilitaristic look is easy to spot

Those who partake in the neokitsch lifestyle are usually more affluent or celebrity types. Built on the foundations of kitsch, this style injects a bit of class to the proceedings, or as much as you can have when riding in a pink neon chrome limousine with an endangered cheetah adorned with thousands of dollars in jewelry.

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