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Trials of Mana update 1.1.0 patch notes has No Future

To celebrate 25 years of Trials of Mana, Square Enix is releasing a new update for this year's remake, which includes a crushing new difficulty level called No Future.


It's been about six months since Square Enix released the modernized remake of Trials of Mana. Square also recently celebrated the original game's 25th anniversary and is now bringing out a special 1.1.0 patch to the newer Trials of Mana. What does the future hold for the game? It turns out the game has No Future! That's No Future difficulty, that is, which is the biggest addition coming with the JRPG's latest update.

According to the press release issued by Square Enix, Trials of Mana's 1.1.0 patch will feature a new No Future difficulty level. This not only turns the enemy and boss difficulty up to its maximum level, players will also have restrictions on certain abilities and items. On top of that, boss battles will have time limits. While players will be able to pick up stronger versions of their equipment to help them through these fights, this is not for the faint of heart and is only for the most hardened fighters. There's a big-time reward at the end of the tunnel for those who manage to survive everything No Future has to throw at them. Those players will unlock the Rabite Slippers, which allow players to travel freely without encountering enemies.

Those looking to start New Game Plus will also have some new options available to them. Expert difficulty is now available when starting a fresh New Game Plus run. Players will also have the option to reset their characters back to Level 1 when starting a New Game Plus playthrough. Beyond that, look for new goddess statues across the world, costume adjustments for New Game Plus, and bug fixes. The full patch notes will be available soon.

Trials of Mana released to acclaim from players and critics, including us here at Shacknews. Let's go back to our original review:

Trials of Mana amazed me with just how robust a story it has to offer. There isn't a lot in terms of side quests, but this is not a game that needs any. There is a lot of story to go through and a lot to explore well after the credits roll. And while I'm not a huge fan of the characters, they didn't sour me on the game to the point that I won't keep exploring. Lore-hungry RPG fans will have a lot to feast on with this game.

If you have yet to pick up Trials of Mana, it's going to be on sale through the end of the month on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Trials of Mana's 1.1.0 update will be available by the end of the day on all platforms.

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