Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta adds 40-player Fireteam mode this weekend

If you're coming back for more of the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta, you can find a new 40-player game mode ready to roll out this weekend.


Activision and Treyarch have slowly been rolling out new game modes for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's multiplayer beta. Those game modes have also been noticeably bigger in scale. The biggest one yet is coming with this coming weekend's beta with Cold War adding a new 40-player game mode called Fireteam: Dirty Bomb.

There's quite a bit to this new game mode, so let's hear about it straight from the development team on the Treyarch website:

Available for the first time during Weekend 2 of the Beta on two new large-scale maps, Fireteam: Dirty Bomb cranks the action up to 11 with multi-squad insanity. A total of 40 players broken out into 10 teams will compete to take out enemies, collect uranium caches, locate Dirty Bombs scattered throughout the map, and successfully deposit their uranium into said bombs to detonate them and get the win.

Each detonation causes radiation to leak out to large areas of the map, scoring points for the team that ignited the bomb and transforming huge portions of the map into radioactive hazards for everyone. The longer a player hangs onto uranium, the longer radiation sickness sets in. This affects Perk benefits, movement, health regeneration, and ultimately, your Operator's life.

When that life runs out, you'll experience the Fireteam Spawn system unique to Fireteam modes in Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer. You'll have to make a tactical choice in redeploying into the map by spawning onto a teammate not currently in combat, by parachuting right back into the action, or by spawning directly into the passenger seat of a teammate's vehicle for instant gratification.

Fireteam: Dirty Bomb is being billed as "one of the deepest modes we've designed to date" and looking at the victory condition, it's hard to argue with that. This mode looks to be a lot more than just shooting the opponent in the face, though I imagine that'll help out a lot, too.

This new game mode will go along with the other different multiplayer modes available during this coming beta weekend. Those include Team Deathmatch, Domination, VIP Escort, Kill Confirmed, and Combined Arms. Treyarch is also instituting several changes based on user feedback from the first beta weekend. This includes an increased TDM score limit, an increased cooldown on the Spy Plane, an updated Assassin Perk, and various bug fixes.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta starts up again this Thursday, October 15. It will be open to all PS4 users, while PC and Xbox One will only be open to those with Early Access. All PC and Xbox One users can jump for the final three-day stretch, starting on Saturday, October 17.

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