How to raise your Adventure Rank - Genshin Impact

Discover the fastest way to increase your Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact to improve your World Level and acquire better gear.


There are a lot of levels to increase in Genshin Impact, but none as quite as important as raising the Adventure Rank. The Adventure Rank is responsible for unlocking new quests, areas, and changing the difficulty and rewards of the world. The sooner this rank is leveled up, the sooner you’ll have access to new activities and loot.

Increase Adventure Rank

The Adventure Rank is a global level shared across all characters. This is the metric by which new activities, quests, World Levels, and Abyssal Domains are unlocked. There are a few different ways to raise or increase the Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact:

  • Archon and Story quests
  • Side quests
  • World quests
  • Temples and Domains
  • Bosses
  • Daily commissions
  • Original Resin
  • Exploration

A lot of these methods of increasing the Adventure Rank will take time, and may even be locked until you’ve progressed through the story a bit. For this reason, one of the best ways to level up the Adventure Rank is to complete the Archon quests and explore the world.

Genshin Impact Adventure Rank
Your Adventure Rank is displayed in the pause menu. Increasing the Adventure Rank is pretty quick if you spend your time doing the right tasks.

By zipping through the Archon quests, you will be actively earning quite a bit of Adventure XP. But, while doing this, you should also be exploring the world. New locations, chests, and unique oddities will all help raise your Adventure Rank.

If you find yourself nearing the end of the Archon quest and you’re still looking to increase the rank, consider taking part in more side quests and world quests. By this point, you should also have access to the Daily commissions, which are basically small tasks that take a few minutes to complete.

Remember, each time you level up the Adventure Rank, you can get a reward from the Adventurer’s Guild. This should help you grow in power alongside increasing challenge of the world.

One final thing to note is that it’s not just enough to increase the Adventure Rank, you must also participate in Ascension Quests. These special quests increase the World Level, which has a direct impact on the difficulty and rewards from activities like boss fights and from defeating various monsters. As your Adventure Rank increases, you will need to do more Ascension Quests, so keep an eye out for them.

Raising your Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact is pretty simple. You get Adventure XP for just about everything you do in the game. Start with the Archon quest and exploration, and then begin branching out as more activities unlock. Glide over to the Shacknews Genshin Impact page for an ever-growing supply of helpful tips.

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