Final Fantasy 14 update 5.35 patch notes includes 72-player instance

It's all-out war in Final Fantasy 14's new 5.35 update, as up to 72 players can jump in and aid the Bozjan Resistance.


Final Fantasy 14 is coming off one of its biggest storylines to date. How does Square Enix go about following up the acclaimed Shadowbringers storyline? They do it by starting a revolution. The long-running MMORPG's big 5.35 patch is out today and it introduces a whole new questline, one which contains a massive player instance that brings up to 72 online revolutionaries together.

The Bozjan Resistance has launched Operation Eagle's Nest in an effort to regain the Alermuc Fortress from the Empire. Players will aid in their efforts as part of the new "Save the Queen" storyline. Players will find a new series of quests, along with a number of powerful Resistance weapons. These weapons can be picked up in the story's first chapter and can be upgraded by completing various follow-up quests, including the new Bozjan Southern Front. The Bozjan Southern Front is a truly massive instance. To give it the proper scale, up to 72 players can jump in to assist the Bozjan Resistance in overtaking the 4th Imperial Legion and reclaiming their homeland. Players can branch off into different player-limited challenges or band together as one giant army to take on massive large-scale encounters. But make no mistake, this is an all-our war and the key to victory will involve taking part in Crticial Engagements and Skirmishes whenever the situation calls for it. This questline is open to anyone who owns the Shadowbringers expansion.

War is heck, but it's not the only thing coming to Final Fantasy 14's 5.35 update. Players can find three new housing wards in each residential district, opening up hundreds of new plots for purchase. This should further alleviate the strain on those looking for housing, an effort that began back in March when Square suspended housing demolition in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

New Game+ is now open for A Realm Reborn's campaign, allowing players to relive it while retaining their current character and level. And for the main game, players can find new items, recipes, mounts, and more.

There's a lot to soak in with Final Fantasy 14's new 5.35 update. You can check out everything in detail on the Final Fantasy 14 Lodestone.

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