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Discover which Relic you should pick in Torchlight 3 to improve your character.


As part of creating a character, players will need to pick a Relic in Torchlight 3. This is a permanent decision that is as important as selecting the right class for you. A Relic adds even more abilities and skills to a character and can drastically alter your playstyle. While there are no wrong choices, you might prefer one Relic over the other!

Which Relic to pick

Torchlight 3 gives players five Relics to choose from. Each of these Relics specialize in one key area. While they are all extremely powerful in their own regard, your choice is permanent and could dramatically change how you play a class – so pick carefully! Before you start, have you chosen the right class for you?


Torchlight 3 pick relic Bane

Shaped like a smoke-filled thurible, Bane is all about poisonous spiders. As the Relic upgrades, you will be able to summon more spiders by hitting poisoned enemies. While anyone can benefit from more spiders, the Sharpshooter, with its ability to summon other creatures, could do well to have even more animals fighting for it. The Dusk Mage may also be a good choice, given its ability to keep enemies slowed down and in one place.

Blood Drinker

Torchlight 3 pick relic Blood Drinker

Blood Drinker is a chalice brimming with crimson life force, and as such, focuses on stealing enemies’ health and giving it to you and your allies. Blood Drinker also features a lot of area-of-effect sword attacks that center on the player. Because of this, it can be a good idea to couple this Relic with a character that likes to be up and in the action, like Forged. Alternatively, Railmaster, with its quick in-and-out hammer skills, could benefit from the lifesteal.


Torchlight 3 pick relic Coldheart

Coldheart, as the name suggests, is a frozen heart that deals exclusively in slowing down and freezing your enemies. Because the main focus of Coldheart is slowing enemies, a character like Sharpshooter can be aided greatly by this Relic. The Sharpshooter is often repositioning so as to continue the ranged attacks, and slowing or even freezing enemies will give them a moment to catch their breath.


Torchlight 3 pick relic Electrode

As an electrified totem, Electrode is all about harnessing the chaotic energy of storms. The Electrode Relic can send out a heap of electrified orbs, which makes it pair nicely with the Dusk Mage, who is already sending out a magic bullets.

Flaming Destroyer

Torchlight 3 pick relic Flaming Destroyer
Torchlight 3 pick relic Flaming Destroyer

Flaming Destroyer is literally a flaming sword. This Relic is all about calling down fire and setting enemies on fire. Those playing the Forged class might consider picking Flaming Destroyer, if only because Forged’s abilities already look like fire and this fits the aesthetic. Alternatively, this Relic also fits with Railmaster’s kit, as it is all about maximum damage in a short amount of time.

Any Relic can pair well with any of the classes in Torchlight 3. The magic will be in finding one that synergizes with how you want to play your character. In the end, it will always come down to personal preference and any combo can succeed. Check out the Shacknews Torchlight 3 page for other guides to help you on your way.

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