How to play co-op - Torchlight 3

Learn the how to invite your friends to a co-op multiplayer game in Torchlight 3.


Torchlight 3 is finally here and players are raring to get in and play co-op with their friends. Whether you’re on PC or console, playing Torchlight 3 with a group of friends is an easy process. However, for those on PC, it might not be immediately clear which button to press to send your friends an invite.

How to invite friends and play co-op

Playing Torchlight 3 on PC with friends is one of the best ways to enjoy the game. The process of getting into a co-op session, though, isn’t super clear, as there isn’t a button labelled “Invite”. But, to get your Steam friend’s into your game, follow these steps:

  1. Select Multiplayer from the main menu and choose your character or make a new one
  2. Once loaded in, open the Social tab by pressing the P key
  3. Choose the Steam Friends tab
  4. Find the friend you want to invite
  5. Click the “Party” button – this sends a party invite
torchlight 3 co-op
The host will want to invite a friend through the Social blade by clicking "Party".

If your Steam friend isn’t appearing in the list, use the Party tab (the first one) to search their name. This can be done by clicking the Invite button and then typing their name as it appears in Steam. Your friend should receive an invite.

Alternatively, you can also invite any players that are nearby. This works best in the hub worlds such as Trevail Point, McTyre’s Cove, and Echo Landing.

torchlight 3 multiplayer
The other players will find the invite under the Social tab, in the Party section.

As for where an invite goes in Torchlight 3, it can be found under the Social tab in Party. Your friend will have a section called “Pending Invitation”. Here they must click “Accept” to join your co-op session.

It’s worth noting that your friend will enter at their current level and will not progress their story unless you’re both at the same point. For example, if you’re already at McTyre’s Cove part of the story and they’re still in the Trevail Point quests, they won’t make any progress. It’s a good idea to play through the story of the player that is earlier in the game, that way you’re all at the same point.

Speaking to the point about the player levels, a drastically under-levelled character will have a tough time surviving in a player's world that is a higher level. Also, it appears that players only get XP when alive and hitting enemies, so it’s not an ideal way to level up a character.

Playing co-op in Torchlight 3 is a lot of fun. A party can have up to four players, which results in quite a lot of chaos and hilarity. Now that you’ve got the basics of inviting friends and starting a co-op session, you can get on with saving the land in Torchlight 3. Portal over to the Shacknews Torchlight 3 page for more guides to assist you on your quests.

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