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Omni One aims to brings full-body VR gaming into the home

Expanding on the success Virtuix has had with commercial full-body VR entertainment, the group has announced the Omni One as a home virtual reality gaming system.


Virtuix is a group that has done well for itself in VR entertainment. Having launched the Omni Pro, a commercial full-body VR and omni-directional treadmill system, as well as Omni Arena entertainment spaces to give businesses a way to entertain customers with the fascinating world of VR gaming experiences, Virtuix is now taking aim at the home space. The company just announced the Omni One, a consumer version of its VR system, with intention of giving home users an engaging and active VR experience in the later end of 2021.

Virtuix announced the new Omni One VR system in a press release on October 7, 2020. Built for the home VR market, the Omni One offers a sleek full-body VR system. The whole setup features the omni-directional treadmill platform, Vitruix’s own VR headset, and access to a library that will launch with 30+ games. The system can apparently be folded up and stored easily and foregoes the Omni Pro’s ring stabilizer in favor of a rotating arm and vest harness to allow full range of walking, running, backing up, crouching, and further movement while keeping players and the environment around them safe.

Virtuix has been in the VR game for quite a long time. We at Shacknews have had chances to try the Omni products and even chat at length with CEO Jan Goetgeluk in the past and have been wowed by the quality of the experiences being produced under the Virtuix brand. That said, COVID-19 has made things difficult for many and the innovative Omni products are no exception. Virtuix has bounced back and is in process of continuing to construct stations and gaming spaces for further clients, but the pandemic certainly spurred the group towards offering an option for home VR enthusiasts.

“Sales are now recovering, and installations have resumed,” Goetgeluk said in a statement. “COVID-19 slowed us down in the short term, but on the positive side, it boosted demand for at-home fitness and entertainment products like Omni One. This trend will accelerate our long-term growth.”

That said, even before the pandemic pushed the consideration of a home system, it was already in demand, and the company’s success has aided in building that demand.

“We’ve built a large and fanatical player community, and our players kept asking us, ‘When can I get this for my home? Where can I buy this?’” Goetgeluk further explained. “This pent-up demand from our fans is what prompted us, last year, to start working on a home product. Given our success in the out-of-home market, we’re uniquely positioned to bring our popular full-body VR experience to millions of homes around the world.”

With that in mind, Virtuix is targeting a late 2021 launch of the Omni One. A full set-up will retail for $1,995 with financing plans available. Meanwhile, a “dev kit version” will feature the platform, but not the VR headset, allowing players to use their own VR headsets and PCs with it to develop or play PC-based VR games. That said, before launch, Virtuix is also launching a Regulation A funding campaign to boost visibility of the Omni One. By investing, buyers can receive shares in Virtuix and also gain discounts of up to 40% on the Omni One when it becomes available to order.

With that in mind, late 2021 is still a ways away and there’s likely a lot more of the Omni One to see before then. Stay tuned or check out the Virtuix website for all of the latest information on the Omni One as it becomes available.

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