Rocket Arena update 2.0 patch notes adds new character Leef

Rocket Arena is kicking off Season 2 this Wednesday and is getting a new character, along with some major changes.


While the game hasn't started off the way EA or Final Strike Games might have hoped, Rocket Arena continues to move forward with its seasonal content. Season 2 is set to drop this Wednesday and there's quite a bit that's on the way. This includes a new character named Leef, a new map, several noteworthy balance changes, and some special events.

Leef looks unlike any Rocket Arena competitor to date. That's because he's a fabled creature hailing from the Realm of the Ancients. He wields a powerful staff, which fires off Energy Rockets. Leef's sidekick, Flitt, can trap enemies and set them up for an Energy Rocket onslaught. And while Leef is hard enough to catch on his own, he'll be downright impossible to hit when he uses his Warp Dash ability, which warps him in two different directions to avoid enemy fire.

Several of the existing Rocket League characters are getting some significant changes. Here are the specific changes with full explanations and breakdowns available in the Rocket Arena 2.0 patch notes.


  • Black Hole Cat explosion now has damage falloff
  • Black Hole Cat now has a maximum homing turn threshold
  • Increased Black Hole Cat homing acceleration from 2000.0 to 5500.0
  • Improved Black Hole Cat homing targeting logic (combined target distance and angle weighting score)
  • Black Hole Cat homing target detection radius scales with the projectile’s increasing size
  • Leef's Charge Beam can detonate the Black Hole Cat if shot through the center
  • Increased ground jump strength from 1700.0 to 1900.0
  • Increased air jump strength from 1600.0 to 1800.0
  • Reduced reload duration from 1.1 to 0.9 sec


  • Increased Skypiercer Rocket projectile collision radius from 130.0 to 140.0
  • Increased Rocket Swarm projectile collision radius from 100.0 to 110.0


  • Fixed a bug that prevented enemy projectiles from reliably damaging Mysteen from the back while she was Shielding
  • Phantasm now gets all of the gameplay modifiers from Mysteen's currently equipped Artifacts
  • Mysteen can no longer accidentally launch herself out of the arena when jump-Levitating onto air lifts

A much more significant change coming with the Season 2 update involves the fundamental dodge. To this point, Rocket Arena players could only dodge left or right. However, with the new update, players will now be able to dodge in all directions. This not only adds versatility to the dodge, but it allows players to hit the ground faster.

There are a few additions involving AI. A new Play vs. AI playlist is now open, which should help low population regions looking to complete their progression tracks. Players can also expect to find new Artifacts to help them on the battlefield.

Rocket Arena's Season 2 is set to begin this Wednesday, October 7. In addition to the various free updates and the new balance patch, players can also look for the new Season 2 Blast Pass, which will include a new outfit for Leef, as well as outfits for the game's other characters and new rocket trails. Find more information about what's coming on the Rocket Arena website.

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