How to unlock levels - Super Mario Bros. 35

Is there a way to unlock levels in Super Mario Bros. 35 beyond World 1? Shacknews offers some help.


Super Mario Bros. 35 pits 35 players against one another in 8-bit platforming battle royale. Players will run through the various stages of the original NES classic until only one player is left standing. But what determines which levels pop up? Can that element be controlled at all? Can players find a way to unlock levels?

How to unlock levels - Super Mario Bros. 35

There isn't really a concrete manner in which to unlock the various stages in Super Mario Bros. 35. After hitting a level-ending flagpole, the player is immediately taken to the next stage, which is selected at random. There are few ways in which to control which level comes up next. However, it's not impossible.

For one thing, Warp Zones will give players a choice between three different levels. This takes most of the randomness element off the table and allows the player to choose their next destination. Of course, players will quickly notice that the level selections will likely take them back to stages that they've already played.

One of the other ways to unlock a new level is to simply last in a game as long as possible. If you're one of the final five (or even final three) players, you're more likely to hit a new level towards the game's final moments. You could be blazing through World 1-1 for the hundredth time and hit the flagpole only to end up in World 4-2 or 6-3 for the first time. It's not a guarantee, but it's more likely.

Lastly, there's the Special Battle mode. You will unlock levels as you encounter them in either the standard 35-player battle or in Special Battle. Special Battle's rules are unique from week-to-week and will often have a pre-determined course layout. If future Special Battles toss in new stages, that will prove to be the easiest way to unlock them.

What does unlocking levels even do, anyway? Well, players are prompted to select a level before starting their game. What this does is throw the level into the random pool. This makes it more likely to enter this level at some point during the game. Advanced players can get an edge in battle by selecting more difficult levels to weed out the beginners. Toss them enemies like Lakitus, Bullet Bills, and Hammer Bros. to make their day just a little bit tougher.

While these methods aren't a sure thing, they'll help you unlock levels in Super Mario Bros. 35. We'll have more on Super Mario Bros. 35 soon, so stay tuned to Shacknews for all of the latest news and guides.

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