What do coins do in Super Mario Bros. 35?

Super Mario Bros. 35 is filled with coins, but what function do they serve?


Super Mario Bros. 35 throws 35 players into the original 8-bit Nintendo classic and runs until only one Mario is left standing. There's a lot that players need to know if they want to increase their odds of success. One thing they need to know is what exactly coins do.

What do coins do in Super Mario Bros. 35?

Outside of the actual Super Mario Bros. 35 game, coins are primarily used for leaderboard purposes. If you highlight the standard 35-player battle or the Special Battle and hit the (+) button, you'll be taken to a leaderboard screen. Those with the most coins sit at the top.

In the game, coins serve a more critical purpose. They allow players to access the Roulette Block. If you spin the Roulette Block, you'll receive a random power-up. The power-ups include the Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, Invincibility Star, and the POW Block. Accessing the Roulette Block will cost 20 coins, so make sure to gather up coins as you run through each stage. They're hard to avoid, so you shouldn't have too much trouble there.

If you need coins quickly, the easiest way to grab them is to collect a 1-Up Mushroom. 1-Up Mushrooms are most often contained in hidden blocks through most levels. If you can find and collect one, you'll receive an automatic 20 coins, good enough for one spin of the Roulette Block.

Lastly, your cumulative coin total will do more than count towards your leaderboard. Before starting any standard 35-player game, you have the option to start with a power-up already equipped. This will cost you coins. Don't worry about dipping into your coin bank for this one, because you should easily be able to make back whatever you spend on that Super Mushroom or Fire Flower.

That's what coins do in Super Mario Bros. 35. While they aren't as precious a commoditiy as time, they're something you'll still want to collect during your games. We'll have more on Super Mario Bros. 35 in the coming days, so stay tuned to Shacknews for all of the latest news and guides.

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