How to get pets - Among Us

Learn how to get some of the very cute pets featured in Among Us.


Pets are a nice little addition to Among Us, and as the game gets more and more new players, many have found themselves wondering how to get themselves a baby headcrab, mini Crewmate, or one of the other various pets. The good news is, there are plenty of pets on offer and getting your hands on them isn’t all that difficult.

How to get pets

The only way to get pets in Among Us right now is to purchase them, from the in-game shop or from Steam itself. To get started, click on the dollar sign icon on the bottom right of the main menu. This will bring up a window with all the different pets you can purchase.

how to get pets - among us
You can purchase pets in Among Us.

Each bundle is $2.99 USD and includes two different pets. You can buy every bundle if you want to unlock all the pets, or just pick up the bundle that includes the pet that you want. Here’s a look at all the bundles and what they include:

  • Bedcrab Bundle – Includes the Bedcrab and Squiq.
  • Mini Crewmate Bundle – Includes the Mini Crewmate and Robot.
  • Hamster Pet Bundle – Includes the Hamster and Dog pets.
  • Brainslug Pet Bundle – Includes Brainslug and UFO pets.
  • Stickmin Pet Bundle – Comes with Henry and Ellie pets.

You can only equip one pet at a time, but you can equip any of the pets you’ve already purchased by visiting the computer inside of the starting lobby, before a match starts. You can also change up your skins here, as well as any game settings if you are the lobby host.

Now that you know how to get pets and how to equip them, you can dive deeper into the latest internet hit by checking out our guide on how to play Among Us, where we break down the basics of the game.

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