How to use vents - Among Us

New to Among Us and wondering how to use vents? We can help.


Vents can be one of the most useful mechanics in Among Us. As new people jump into the game, they often find themselves struggling to get the hang of the vent system and how it works exactly. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how to use vents in Among Us.

How to use vents - Among Us

how to use vents in Among Us
Vents can be really useful for getting away from bodies you just killed.

Vents (or holes depending on the map) can be found throughout all three of the maps included in Among Us. They allow the Impostor to quickly jump inside and move between a designated set of rooms, making it easy to get away from dead bodies, or just to move around the map as a whole. If you’re just starting the game, then you might find yourself trying to use a vent only to find that you can’t. Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind when using vents.

You will use vents by approaching them and then clicking on the VENT button in the bottom right of the screen, or by pressing E when standing over them.

  • Only Impostors can use the vents. If you see someone going into the vent, then they are an Impostor and you should report them as quickly as possible.
  • Vents shouldn’t be used to simply move around. This increases the risk of you being seen while using them.
  • Vents won’t allow you to move around the entire map. They are tied directly to other rooms and thus only allow you to shift between a series of 2-3 rooms at a time.
  • Your kill timer doesn’t countdown while inside of vents. If you plan to lay in wait for Crewmates, then you should go ahead and let your kill timer cooldown before you hop in.
  • Be mindful of where other players are when exiting or entering vents as this could possibly lead to you being outed as the Impostor.
  • Exiting rooms you weren’t seen entering on the cameras will be a clear indicator to Crewmates that you are an Impostor.
  • Venting out of rooms you were seen entering will raise suspicion and possibly get you ejected.

That’s really all there is to know about vents in Among Us. They can be really handy for Impostors, but you should definitely keep an eye on the area around you before moving between rooms. For more help, make sure you also check out our guide on how to play Among Us, which breaks down the basics of the game’s different roles.

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