Mass Effect Trilogy listings stir rumors of a series re-release

Apparent new listings of the original Mass Effect trilogy have caused speculation on whether or not the games could be coming to current consoles soon.


Certain handling of the Mass Effect franchise has caused plenty of argument throughout the years, but the games still command a wealth of love and respect for the rather incredible story they allowed players to craft. Players have been clamoring for the original trilogy to be remastered or re-released on new systems for some time now, but a new listing on a Portuguese online retailer has the rumor mill spinning faster than ever about Mass Effect on current systems.

It all began when recently, listings for the Mass Effect Trilogy on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and (perhaps strangely) Nintendo Switch popped up on a Portuguese website, as reported by video game news and leak source Nibel. Although Nibel claims the logo was new (it’s actually from the trilogy release of the games on PS3, Xbox One, and PC), the listing still appears to be legitimately new, leading many to wonder if someone jumped the gun ahead of an official announcement from Electronic Arts or Bioware.

The Mass Effect series has been through some very tempestuous times. The original trilogy often garners praise for its incredible story, cast of characters, and the ability for players to port their characters and choices through the various games. That said, the end of Mass Effect 3 has been a subject of argument in the gaming community for years, especially after Bioware introduced a patch that allowed players to alter it. Moreover, lukewarm to sour response to Mass Effect: Andromeda pulled any new content in the franchise off the table for quite sometime

Take the Portuguese listing of the Mass Effect Trilogy on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch with a grain of salt for now… But we certainly wouldn’t argue against being able to take another romp with Commander Shepherd, the Normandy, and crew against the Reapers on new console platforms.

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