Steven Spohn is raising $1M for AbleGamers

It's Steven's 40th birthday and his wish is for all of us to help him raise $1 million for charity. Let's do it.


To celebrate his 40th birthday, Steven Spohn has set an incredible goal: to raise $1 million for AbleGamers. The organization has helped thousands of gamers over the past 15 years, so it’s great to see this fundraiser kick off!

Steven Spohn’s birthday wish: raise $1 million for charity

Steven Spohn is known in the gaming industry as an advocate for accessibility in and around video games. September 15 just so happens to be the bloke’s birthday, and for this year’s wish, he’s setting the games industry a goal of raising $1 million for AbleGamers. Spohn posted his birthday wish in a video to Twitter earlier today.

Those that would like to help Spohn reach his birthday wish can do so by donating at the Spawn Together AbleGamers link. Donators have the choice to donate in set amounts or offer up a custom value. There’s also a spot to write a note about why you’re donating as well as a field to honor or remember someone with your donation. As of writing, the community has managed to donate just shy of $100,000.

AbleGamers is a non-profit organization founded in 2004 by Mark Barlet and Stephanie Walker. The goal of this charity is to help those with disabilities continue experiencing this great hobby we all share. The team helps source (or make) equipment that will let those with disabilities play on.

A lot of good has come from AbleGamers, so it’s exciting to see Steven Spohn rallying the community to support this noble cause. Recently, Spohn appeared with Ryan Reynolds to spread awareness and help raise money for AbleGamers. A bit further back, AbleGamers collaborated with Microsoft to design the Xbox Adaptive Controller, allowing more gamers to get back in the game.

Make sure you swing by the AbleGamers page and make a donation to help Steven Spohn raise the one million dollars!

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