Unboxing & review: Snap Ships building toy and mobile app

Snap Ships is more than just building vessels. Video Editor Greg Burke falls into the full Snap Ships rabbit hole by looking at the toys and the AR mobile app.


For the latest Shacknews unboxing, we're going with something a little bit different. It was first revealed earlier in 2020 and now Video Editor Greg Burke is taking a first look at Snap Ships.

What is Snap Ships? From manufacturer PlayMonster, Snap Ships is a new entry into the toys-to-life genre. There's a physical component to it, but it plays into a larger digital interface. Think of it as something similar to what Ubisoft was attempting with Starlink: Battle for Atlas, just a little more bite-sized, more involved, and without the larger gameplay element. The idea is to build different ships with the pieces provided with players given the freedom to assemble different designs. Everything is interchangeable, so the possibilities are practically limitless.

So take a look at what Greg's built. Following the instructions, he was able to assemble his first Snap Ship with little trouble. On top of getting all the pieces for a suggested blueprint, each Snap Ship set also gets a random attachment that can be added for some extra firepower. It's hidden under a sticker, so you won't know what you get until you open it. Once you finish putting your ship together, you can use the top of the box as a stand, which helps reduce waste.

What about the digital component? Snap Ships has an accompanying AR mobile app, which offers a greater look into the overall lore. Unfortunately, you can't feed your creations into the app just yet. But if you're interested in the story, Snap Ships has a limited YouTube series that you can check out on the Snap Ships YouTube channel. New episodes go up on Fridays. And speaking of new episodes, be sure to subscribe to the Shacknews and GamerHub.TV YouTube channels for more videos just like this. And be sure to subcribe to Mercury for the optimal Shacknews experience.

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