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Forest Warden Omu tips & strategies - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Forest Warden Omu has debuted in Hearthstone Battlegrounds with Tuesday's 18.2 update, so Shacknews is getting in tune with nature with some tips and strategies.


Hearthstone deployed its 18.2 update on Tuesday morning and introduced three new heroes to the game's Battlegrounds mode. All of them are new to Battlegrounds and each have their own distinct Hero Powers. We're analyzing them throughout the week, continuing with Forest Warden Omu.

Forest Warden Omu tips & strategies - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Forest Warden Omu's Hero Power is called Everbloom and it lets you have it both ways in a sense. You can use it to get off to a slow start, but also finish strong.

If you upgrade Bob's Tavern, Everbloom will grant you an extra two Gold automatically. If you're clever enough with your tokens early on, you can upgrade Bob's Tavern and still pull in a minion from the next tier.

With Everbloom essentially giving you a two Gold margin of error, you're encouraged to upgrade earlier than you normally would. Getting up to Tier 4 and 5 early is critical for anyone hoping to get ahead. If you boost up your keep your early game minions boosted, you should be able to speedrun to the later tiers and build a strong Beast or menagerie composition from there. If you can get to Tier 5 fast enough, consider investing in Mama Bear and laying down some strong Beasts like Cave Hydra. Focus on getting triples so you can use that same Mama Bear to get a buffed-up Maexxna or Ghastcoiler.

Omu is very straightforward. It might take a few games to learn the best way to manage your two Gold advantage, but once you do, you'll have little trouble getting up to Tiers 5 and 6 quickly. Just remember that it costs eight Gold to upgrade to Tier 5 the turn after you hit Tier 4. That means you can upgrade to Tier 5 on your next turn and still have four Gold left to spend. Plan this turn carefully.

These strategies should help you get started with Forest Warden Omu. We'll have more Hearthstone Battlegrounds guides in the future, so keep it on Shacknews for the latest.

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