ESL One Rio CS:GO Major canceled due to COVID-19

One of Brazil's biggest esports events has been canceled thanks to COVID-19. ESL vows to bring another CS:GO major to the country as soon as possible.


In what will likely be a surprise to no one, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought down yet another prominent esports event. This time around, the bad news lands in Brazil as the ESL One Rio CS:GO Major has been canceled in a joint decision by the ESL and Valve Software. While the news is unfortunate for CS:GO fans and the increasingly popular esports scene in Brazil, the ESL says it will do everything possible to bring another CS:GO major to the country when the logistics allow it.

This is not the first time the ESL One Rio CS:GO Major has been affected by COVID-19 this year. Originally planned to take place in May, the event was postponed and rescheduled for the end of the year. The rescheduled November 2020 event would have seen its prize purse doubled to two million dollars as a result of the initial delay had it not also been knocked off track by the continuing pandemic.

The ESL released a statement today confirming the cancellation:

ESL will be hosting IEM New York, an online major scheduled for next month that features a $250,000 prize pool. For more news on CS:GO and a host of other esports, keep it parked here at Shacknews.

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