Immortals Fenyx Rising gets December release date at Ubisoft Forward

The game formerly known as Gods & Monsters appeared during Thursday's Ubisoft Forward event and now has a release date.


Fresh off putting together Assassin's Creed Odyssey, the team at Ubisoft Quebec isn't leaving the realm of Greek mythology entirely. Instead, it's taking a different sort of look at the subject with its next game, a brand new IP called... wait, it's not Gods & Monsters anymore. It's now going by a new title: Immortals Fenyx Rising. And on top of getting a new title, the game got a release date during Thursday's Ubisoft Forward presentation.

Gods & Monsters was originally revealed back at E3 2019 and was slated to release later that year. That was before a handful of Ubisoft games all got delayed. But the delay for the newly-dubbed Immortals Fenix Rising has gone on long enough and Ubisoft has given the game a December 3 release date.

Little was revealed about Immortals Fenix Rising prior to the Ubisoft Forward event. The only concrete information on display looked to be that Ubisoft Quebec was shifting tones on the Greek setting, shifting from the gritty, serious Assassin's Creed universe to a much more cartoonish, almost whimsical world putting an all-new character with the fabled Greek gods and mythical monsters.

Look for Immortals Fenix Rising to release on PC, as well as next and current generation consoles on December 3. But that won't be all we to say about this game. Come back to Shacknews after the Ubisoft Forward event for a more in-depth look at Ubisoft Quebec's upcoming adventure.

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