Struggling reveal showcases a bizarrely comedic co-op platformer from Frontier Foundry

Frontier Developments' new third party-focused branch is kicking off with Struggling from Chasing Rats Games, out now on PC and Nintendo Switch.


Frontier Developments has been putting good things together between Planet Coaster, Elite Dangerous, and Jurassic World Evolution to name a few for quite a while. However, a new initiative from the developer and publisher will see it aiming to support more third-party studios via Frontier Foundry. One of the first products of that initiative is the mildly grotesque co-op puzzle platformer, Struggling, from Chasing Rat Games, and its available now on Nintendo Switch and PC.

Struggling was launched as the kickoff of Frontier Foundry from Frontier Developments on August 27, 2020. Coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam, this bizarre adventure has you and perhaps a friend take on the role of Troy, a very unfortunate human experiment turned into a mount of flesh and arms, as players maneuver him through levels full of angry rats, toxic waste, mean-looking machinery, and plenty of more hazards. In co-op, you both control one of Troy’s limbs and must work together to navigate through the bizarre world.

As mentioned before, Struggling is the opening volley of Frontier Foundry: a new initiative of Frontier Developments set to focus heavily on third-party developers. Where Frontier will continue to put full effort into first-party projects like Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, Frontier Foundry is meant to boost indie projects to the forefront through the Frontier platform.

Struggling is, at the very least, an extremely interesting opening act for Frontier Foundry. With a rather bizarre and fun world to explore, it’s also got physics and mechanics similar to the likes of Heave-Ho and Getting Over It with the wrinkle that players can take up the challenge of co-op to try to take a split-minded single character through the challenges the game presents.

With the game out on Nintendo Switch and Steam, you can jump into Struggling now and see everything the bizarre world of Chasing Rats Games has to offer. Stay tuned for further goods from Frontier Developments and the new Frontier Foundry.

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