Popup Dungeon interview: Bringing the papercraft roguelike RPG to life

This gorgeous RPG sprang to life after its creators spent time playing a tabletop game, and its influence is seen very clearly in Popup Dungeon.


Ever wished you could play a full-fledged video game that felt more like a tabletop game come to life? That's what you get with the inventive Popup Dungeon, a tactical roguelike RPG inspired by classic tabletop games.

Popup Dungeon lets you create any ability, item, villain, hero, or game that you can imagine thanks to its special creation system. You can even add yourself to the game if you so choose, which makes it an awesome tool for anyone looking to make and run dungeons with friends.

Shacknews sat down with artist and designer Enrique Dryere for an illuminating talk on what Popup Dungeon is capable of, and from our chat, we just know you're going to have a blast using it to pull together your own adventures.

One of the most interesting pieces of the Popup Dungeon puzzle was undoubtedly how the idea for the game came about. 

"One day we were playing a game called Castle of Ravenloft. It's a little tabletop game with figurines and everything based in the D&D universe. We always like to mod out our own D&D sessions. We were thinking it'd be great if we had the capacity to do this online and share it with people," said Dryere. "That's where the seed began to all this. The premise was to try to make it as simple to do as possible."

From there, that little seed grew into a massive undertaking. There's far more to it than that, but you'll have to watch the interview if you want to get more involved with the stories behind Popup Dungeon's development. 

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