Untitled Goose Game gets Steam release date for this September

Untitled Goose Games finally has a Steam release date set for this September.


Untitled Goose Game took the world by storm last year when it released on the Epic Games Store, quickly making the jump to other platforms soon after. For those fully invested in Steam, though, it seemed like House House’s hit would swing by them entirely. Well, no more. The honking good fun of Untitled Goose Game finally has a Steam release date and it’s much sooner than you might think.

During today’s Nintendo Indie World, Nintendo revealed that Untitled Goose Game was set to receive a brand-new two-player co-op update for free. What the Nintendo presentation didn’t share with us, though, was the fact that this update comes on the heels of the hit indie title’s Steam release date, which has been set for September 23, 2020.

For those who haven’t kept in the loop with exactly what Untitled Goose Game is, the title follows a Goose as it works hard to create trouble for the various people that it comes across. It’s a fun romp through a beautifully crafted world, and one that quickly skyrocketed it to the top of many players' best indie games of 2019 lists, including our own here at Shacknews. The game has been available on the Epic Games Store since its release, and later next month it will finally make the leap to Steam and Itch.io, giving even more players access to it.

It’s a grand day for goose enthusiasts, especially when you toss in the fact that the free co-op update drops that same day. So, if you’ve been sitting around waiting on this fun little gem to make its Steam debut, you thankfully won’t have to wait much longer.

You can keep up with all the latest Untitled Goose Games news right here on Shacknews. We’re intrigued to see where House House goes from here, whether it be more goose or something entirely different.

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